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Penis Extender Sleeve

This product having extension attached with it reveal its functionality . If you are having trouble with your short penis but you don’t want to get embarrassed , then try this one out .Satisfy your partner with this extension sleeve which resembles to your actual penis skin .

Don’t worry about getting STIs , Since it is reliable and safe for you to be in artificial mode of erection . More better then regular latex condoms .

The Build of penis extender sleeve comprises of materials called as silicone . The whereabouts of material consist of silicone ridges .Surprise your partner with the new toy . Brings extra satisfaction By Grasping it in your hand, slide it on your cock . you will see it will fit perfectly like a glove, ready for the steamy action with extra long Artificial Extenders .

Our assorted collection consist of skin alike  sleeves, Chocolate sleeve , Glowing light sleeves and Transparent sleeves . The ridges on sleeves can be counted as a tiny elements to provide clitoral stimulation on your partner . Therefore ridges gives  blast of orgasm for your partner and she will enjoy it .


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Penis Glans STKPS-008

2,450.00 2,000.00

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