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Women’s Sex toy

Women’s – Now no need to get frustrated about being deprived from  sexual gratification . Cultural and personal Hindrance make women restricted to Flaunt with her sexuality . It’s time to stop it ,Since advance technology and Innovation are all here to help you with your anxiety .

Have a look at stock pile of sex toy in kolkata such as Vibrators, dildos, clitoris massage . For stimulation by penetration we got comfy anal beeds made up of either silicone or metal .Go through our products below and choose one for yourself .

How Sex Toy Is Beneficial For women ?

As women goes through lot’s of hormonal changes during Menstrual cycle ,They suffer all short of pain itchiness and loss of blood . Mood swing is Common during those time . Sex Toy Prove to be beneficial in Providing lubrication as well as giving simulation to clitoris . The Sonic vibration from vibrators , help in giving blast of orgasm . The orgasm releasing factors improve women come out of stress .

Besides that their are Gynecological Problems involve Uncomfortable symptoms of menopause which further lead to vaginal tightness . Dryness and atrophy which make sex painful and decreased sex drive.

Check out vibrators from Sex Toy In Kolkata . It will not only provide you with Clitoral stimulation but also Provide lubrication and promoting blood flow to the area for healing purpose , Sex toys are great for you in healing process other then going through medication and painful surgery .

Besides Various vibrator we also have Dildos and Strap on for you . play with it like a wild cat and give yourself an orgasm which you may be not getting from your partner.

16,999.00 12,999.00
6,999.00 3,949.00
9,999.00 8,969.00
7,999.00 5,001.00
3,999.00 2,650.00
14,000.00 12,000.00

All Non & Vibration Dildo

Horse Dildo With Big Butt Adult Sex Toy

16,000.00 14,000.00
23,738.00 19,939.00
20,000.00 16,800.00

Sex Fucking Machine

Sex Machine

18,500.00 15,600.00
20,000.00 16,800.00
1,926.00 1,580.80

Choose and shop more from our Assorted collection of sex toy for women at an awesome discount prize of 20 % off .
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